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Goddesses by erin-hime Goddesses by erin-hime
I idea really, other than I had wanted to draw the main goddesses for Modern Day Cupid yesterday just for the hell of it. So I did, and rather liked the results. These two, in case you're wondering, are Persephone and Aphrodite.

Persephone, as you all well know, is basically the Queen of the Underworld, and as such, doesn't get out all that much. As such, she prefers to remain in her ceremonial toga, as she sees no point in adjusting her fashion sense to the surface world. I've always perceived Persephone as a kind and friendly goddess, and Hades as a slightly messed up god, but still on par with his wife. To me, the genuinely love each other, despite the fact that Hades 'tricked' Persephone into staying with him. And that, of course, is going to reflect in my story. In the myth, Persephone helps Psyche out, and in my mind, they remained friends because of it. So Persehone's quite willing to help out the current Psyche.

Aphrodite, of course, is Eros' mother and mind of an overbearing one at that. For some odd reason, when I started contemplating this story again, and visualizing the times when Psyche would meet Aphrodite, I always pictured her in business wear with a practical hairstyle. :O_o: I have no idea why now, but I liked the idea, and decided to keep it. Being the Goddess of Love is serious business, after all. ;P Her skirt's not actually supposed to be that short, but it didn't work with her pose for it for be long, it's short. She's like the complete opposite of the elder two Karalis sisters; she's got a classic sensuality about her whereas they tend to dress like prostitutes so boys would pay attention to them. So while, yes, Aphrodite has curves in all the right places, she doesn't emphasize them any. They're just there and she makes do with what she has.

That still doesn't keep her from being a stick in the mud when it comes to her son and any girl that happens to catch his eye. >.>

I rather like how these two turned out. Persephone was going to be wearing a straight white gown, but that just seemed too plain to me, so I made it two layers, and liked it. She's wearing a flower in her hair to represent the fact that she's also the Goddess of Spring, but she's also wearing a skill and crossbone earring to show she's the Queen of the Underworld. She also looks like the classic Greek with her dark hair, mostly because I always see her with dark hair thanks to the that she is a death deity. Aphrodite, on the other hand, looks like her son with the blond hair and the tan skin. But it gives her that ~*~exotic~*~ look, so I like it. She really looks like a serious businesswoman in that (so serious she doesn't even get netspeak!). :O_o: Kinda the opposite of what you'd expect from the Goddess of Love. :D

Also, the bright blue eyes are a way to show that they're gods, since by all rights, they should be brown. I thought it would be a neat little way to show it, by giving all the gods the same bright blue eyes. ^^;

So yeah, Persephone and Aphrodite, the two main goddesses of the story, cuz I just felt like it.

(I just hope I don't confuse anyone with having two characters named Persephone that...sort of look alike. :O_o:)

(This version of) Persephone and (this version of)Aphrodite ~erin-hime
Modern Day Cupid and all related concepts and characters ~erin-hime
callisto-chan Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you psychic, Erin? No, really, are you? I was wondering just the other day what Aphrodite looked like in your version (naturally, I was picturing something along the lines of Botticelli, though blonder, because I just associate Aphrodite with blonde), and not only do I get to see her, but Persephone too! :D

Both of their designs look very pretty, but I love the contrast between them: Persephone's more traditional Greek (and I'm sure Aphrodite would be stunning in long, flowing robes too), wearing traditional, flowing garments, and Aphrodite's a primped-up, prissy looking businesswoman. Who'd have thought? Certainly not me. ;P I like how you differentiated how she dresses from the way the other Karalis sisters dress: she dresses to flatter her form; they dress to reveal their forms, and there's a world of difference right there. It's the difference between looking classy and looking trashy, and you don't need me to tell you who is what. >.> But, now that I think about it, I like that she doesn't look like your typical, rising-from-the-sea-with-flowing hair-and-robes kind of Aphrodite, but an Aphrodite that has integrated herself with the modern world (and why shouldn't she? She's just as relevant today as she was back in antiquity.)

I like Persephone's design too; it's got that classical Greek look going for it, and I agree the double layers are actually very pretty. I think the white, on its' own, would have been too plain, but having the purple there for a splash of colour (and an appropriate one at that) really gives it an oomph. I like how you tried to incorporate her two traditional elements into the design somehow; the flower's pretty, without outright saying, HEY LOOK AT ME I'M A GODDESS OF SPRINGTIME AND REBIRTH. It's subtle. The skull and crossbones isn't quite as subtle, but when you're dealing with something like the Underworld, you don't need to be. ;P I also like how they're both wearing purple; not sure if it was intentional or not, but it's a nice little touch. The blue eyes are also a nice touch, even if it does make Persephone look a little more like a certain Gatekeeper. >.> They're very striking (and since Psyche becomes immortal/a goddess in the myth, it also fits with you giving Psyche blue eyes, albeit not as vivid as these. But that's okay, she's still human >.>)

Both designs are very pretty, and I'm loving both of them! I'm not sure if I should encourage your muse more in this direction, but you know I like whatever you put out. If it happens to be MDC why did I nearly type MBS there whyyyy? stuff, then great. More pretty for me to see! :D
erin-hime Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually, I had just wanted to draw these two because I really liked the idea of business woman Aphrodite, and, I'll admit it, torment your muse a little more with Persephone's design. >.> So no, not psychic. Just...cruel. (I seriously have no idea where my image of Aphrodite came from. You would think something more...casual, I guess, maybe in a bathing suit or something, but...yeah. There you go, my muse is crazy.)

One thing I did like about this picture was how opposite they looked, with Persephone sticking with modern Greek and Aphrodite going to more modern look. I sort of want to attempt to draw Aphrodite in his goddess form, but I wouldn't now where to begin, as, well, I suck at the ancient Greek wear. (It might be something, if I ever write this, that I'll have you design for me. >.>) But yeah, I sort of made her had the same body type as the Karalis sisters, but made her dress more conservatively. Sure, she's slightly sexy with the shorter skirt and the boots and all, but it's not over the top. It's classy, like we both said. But yes, thinking of her being all serious and stuff's sort of fun, since it's not exactly what you expect from her, but at the same time, it makes sense. Love is a business, after all. (And I think she just wants to throw everyone off when they meet her. ;P)

Persephone was fun as well although I might have made her too similar to a certain Gatekeeper. I did want to make her opposite of Aphrodite since, like I said, she doesn't get out much. And to me, Persephone always had dark hair, so it makes sense that she'd look more traditional Greek than Aphrodite does. ^^; I do like the bit of color I used for her on the dress, since it does add something to it (wasn't intentional to make them both purple until I did, and then I figured it sort of made sense for goddesses to be wearing traditionally royal colors.) Since I associate Persephone with spring, I thought the flower was a nice touch, but she also as a bit of a sadistic side (being a death deity), hence the skull and cross bone earring. I liked the contrast, actually; the sweet side with the flower and the sadistic side with the earring. ;P I didn't actually intend to Psyche's eyes to have a sort of meaning to them since the Gods have blue eyes (although hers aren't as blue); I just like brown hair and blue eyes better, but I can certainly see where you'd get that. I was thinking something similar after I decided to do it, really. I love the contrast of the Greek skin tone and the bright blue eyes to signify they are Gods, though. :D

I'm having a bit of fun with this as well, although I'm not sure if there's anything left for me to do. I just wanted to get these guys out before the muse shifts again, because I wanted to design them. Either way, glad you're enjoying seeing them!

Thanks! :heart:
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