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Mind by erin-hime Mind by erin-hime
This is the last of the series (for now, maybe) of the little series I was doing to flesh out the individual galleries of this story. I'm hesitant to put this up, since this isn't a character introduced yet, and it's a major spoiler. You can probably guess from the picture, which is why I don't really want to put it up yet. But since she's the last, i figure what the hell.

I can't reveal much about her, sadly, other than she's introduced in the second book, and is the third book's antagonist. Take from that what you will. >.>

I will say that I rather like her toga. Also...I didn't mean to make it that short. >.O I originally planned for her to have a floor length toga, but then this happened, and...yeah, I don't know. But it's cute, and I really like that belt there. And her hair. Its sort of a simple-yet-complicated style, but it looks vaguely Greek, so I'm happy with it. ;P

Not going to explain that arrow, but I thought it looked neat. >.>

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callisto-chan Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've been staring at that arrow for some time now, and I can't really figure out what's going on with it. Is the arrow cracked? Is it bleeding? Is there some sort of magic liquid in the tip that this girl broke and now it's gushing all over the place and making a mess? …Is it a ribbon? I honestly can't tell, I just know that that wasn't there when you were first coloring. >.>

I have a pretty good idea who this is, and I told you on LS already, but what I'm more confused about is how she can exist. Of course, there's the chance that I'm 100% wrong, but I'm just going by the title there, and knowing what I do of the mythology behind Psyche. >.>

That said, whoever this strange and frightening lady is, she;s certainly pretty! Her hairstyle is complicated, but not out of the realm of possibility for Greeks (after all, surely they could braid hair, right?) and it really give her an interesting, almost noble look. Like with Aphrodite, I like how the blonde contrasts with her skin, and the green eyes look nice and striking as well. She's certainly captivating.

I also like the purple shade for her outfit - you say you feel like you're abusing gradients for this series, but I think they're pretty. And really, isn't that the important bit? >.> The usage of dark to light (rather than light to dark like some of the others) also really helps her stand out too, as well as makes the dark hemline pop. You might not mean to have made it that short, but it looks nice, especially with that big belt there to draw the eye. I also like (though I don't know if it's decorative or if there's a reason) the little star cut outs in her sandals. Very unusual, and very pretty.

So I have no idea what this girl's deal is (and I'm interested in seeing other villains, since at the outset I naively assumed that Aphrodite would be the only real villain, or at least the biggest one, compared to a lesser villain like Penny. ), but she's certainly got an interesting design. >.> Great to see this series wrapped up! :D
erin-hime Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's blood, unfortunately. It was an idea I got while staring at it for a bit, but I didn't want to put it on while streaming because I wanted it to be a surprise. The arrow tip is a broken heart, and there's blood running down the shaft and her fingers. I...apparently can't draw blood. >.< I tried, so does that count?

I think I pretty much gave away who she is with this picture, but I at least am going to surprise you with the role she's going to play/how she gets there. >.>

But yeah, one thing she had to be was pretty, and I'm glad I accomplished that. ;P I was trying to make her more ancient Greek than the others, hence the more complicated hairstyle. I think it'd still work, though, since, like you said, the ancients probably know how to braid hair. She also needed to be blond, and her skin's darker than the Love Gods, so it's even more contrasting. Her eyes...probably should be brown, but whatever. I wanted them to be green, so they're green.

I actually think this looks a little interesting with the way her arms are crossed, since it looks less like a gradient and more like her top is a different color than the bottom. But considering her role, switching the way the gradient went made a lot of sense to me. And it looks interesting. One reason I didn't want it to be shot is because it gives her a youthful look, like Eros, and I wanted her to look regal. Ah well, the belt balances everything out. :P And not point to the stars, other than it was a shape I could create in Illustrator. ^^;

Aphrodite was supposed to be the main villain, but then this idea popped up, and yeah, she became the villain. You'll just have to see how that all works out. ;P

Thanks! :heart:
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