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Faith by erin-hime Faith by erin-hime
Continuing this little series I started, I knew the next one I wanted to do was Maddie, since she's my neglected character. Of course, I'm doing these in order, but that's the main reason I had her next in line. Poor dear gets pretty much no love from me, but I'm hoping that I'll fix that in the next book. >.>

Maddie is Pysche's BFF since kindergarten, when they just sort of connected and hadn't let go since. I think most stories of this sort give a reason why two people became friends, but I thought it would be cute if it was just something that, you know, happened. They're not similar, yet they're not opposites, but they still manage to get along fabulously. Psyche considers her the sister she wish she had, and Maddie thinks the same, since she's an only child.

Maddie's an interesting character, since I saw her as energetic like most of my BFF characters (Aerona, Juliette, Lia). But she's not quite in their league once I started writing her. Sure, she's a little excitable, but she's also grounded and a little wise. She's happy most of the time, mostly because she has nothing to be depressed about at the moment, and she tries not to let life get to her. She's been made fun of and ignored her whole life thanks to the fact that she's not considered 'worthy' of her wealth, and at some point in time, she decided she wasn't going to worry about it. She's content with her life, and that's all that matters.

I sort of wish I had something awesome planned for her concerning the colors I pick out for her, since she so looks like she should be Eos or something. But I also like the idea that Psyche's BFF is 100% mortal, with no godliness or reincarnations. Because I think that makes her more awesome that she doesn't have the connection, and yet she has to deal with all of it (even if she doesn't know it herself).

Like with Psyche, I wanted to make her 'goddess' outfit modern, but more so because she doesn't have any goddess connections herself. I want to eventually not give her a cold shoulder shirt, because I don't want her to be defined by that, but this is the shirt that popped in my head when I thought about it. >.O I like it, since it's sorta togaish, which is what I was going for. I like her skirt as well, since it's floofier than if it was just one layer. I actually redid her hair a little, mostly just making it shorter, mostly because that's actually how I see her hair. It's cute, and I like it. :D

As for her title, her name actually doesn't mean anything, which made me sad. However, Madeline come from Magdalene, or rather Mary Magdalene, which of course, is a predominant figure in the Bible/Jesus' wife if you're into that kinda thing. Since the name has a connection of Christ, it just made sense to have her 'realm of influence' be Faith, because that's what you need to believe in Christ. Not sure if it applies to her, but whatever. It makes sense in my head.

So nice to draw her. I might have to do it again sometime. >.>

Realm of Influence Series
1. Soul
2. Pleasure
3. Love
4. Wind
5. Faith
6. Death
7. Love
8. Vanity
9. Ignorance
10. Mind

Madeline Douglas and image ~erin-hime
Modern Day Cupid and all related characters and concepts ~erin-hime
callisto-chan Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay, Maddie! I love how this turned out, and it's great to see it in crystal clear quality. >.>

Haha, I still love how her shirt colors/hair combo could be seen as being very Eos-ish, despite the green eyes. But at the same time, it reflects her personality well too, since she does seem to be a bright and cheery person. So there's that. >.> ButI do love that she's 100% mortal, since as you said, it makes the whole "dealing with issues from Psyche's relationship" all the more astounding. I mean yes, mortals going up against gods don't have a good track record, but what's impressive is that she's not the one going up directly against the gods; she's just a casualty, as it were - she did nothing to gain their wrath, she just happened to be friends with Psyche and has to deal with that however she can. And she totally wins out, because she's Maddie. ;P

Poor girl, though, you keep saying you want to stick her in something other than cold shoulder tops, but she looks so good in those! The design of this one is interesting, since it not only has a crossover top, but a gathered front there. All the other shirts I've seen have been very simple in style, but the decoration to this one somehow just works. And yeah, it is sort of like an ancient tunic, since women would fasten the sleeves with pins, but there were always gaps in the fabric between them, so this just seems like a modern variation on that (without the pins :P) And the white skirt is just cute, even if it's unexpected. It goes nicely with the shirt.

I wasn't expecting that to be the reasoning behind why you called her goddess of faith. It makes sense, when you explain it like that, but my explanation was far more convoluted, in that I assumed she was called that because she had faith and trust in Psyche - when Psyche was telling her her story, anyone else might have treated it as fantasy, or a hallucination, or what have you, and ignored it, but Maddie went on faith and believed what Psyche was saying, even though the only evidence she had was the necklace. I would assume, if/when Psyche tells her the rest of the story, she will accept it is true on faith/trust that Psyche wouldn't lie to her. So yeah, that's why I thought she was called that, to be honest. But a tenuous connection to the name Magdalene is another, just as good, reason for it. ;P

Great to see her. :D
erin-hime Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh God, yes, she turned out wonderfully adorable, as she ought to. :D

i didn't really mean to make her look like Eos, although I'm not sure why I chose the colors I did for her original shirt. I think that's the colors of the reference shirt I used? But yeah, add that to her hair, and she has a dawn look to her. :shrug: But yeah, since her personality's sunny and cheerful, it works out, and it looks good on her. I did play around with the idea of making her someone, but in the end, the idea of a regular mortal helping deal with this just sounded more interesting.

She does look good with that style of shirt, sadly, which is why I think I keep putting her in them. But, to me, the cold shoulder shirt is more Allura's thing, which is why I'm trying not to make it a Maddie thing as well. Might have to be both, the way I'm going. But yeah, I do love this top, espeically since it came out nearly exactly as I pictured it. I like the modern-but-ancient feel it has to it, which works out well for Maddie, methinks. And, as I said, I still love that skirt, since it's definitely adorable.

Ha ha, I think you're reasoning works out better than mine, actually. >.O I was looking for something that went with her name, since the other ones basically did that. Psyche means soul, and Hedone means pleasure. But I like how you took the concept and actually made it work for Maddie. She, like everyone else, has faith in Psyche, her more so than some others. And I like that, so thanks! It actually makes sense now!

Hee hee, thanks! :heart:
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